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Quality and Legislation

Our cosmetics products are manufactured according to GMP standards and our objective is to strive for excellent quality at an affordable price.


All of our compounds are approved by a qualified safety assessor and, naturally, all of them are CPNP declared.


The following standards are taken into account in the production of our portfolio:

  • ISO 9001-2008

  • ISO 22716

  • ISO 13485

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People and Planet

Today, people and planet play a vital role in our daily lives. This is also something that we take into account and will be addressing even more innovatively in the future.

  • We are a member of FostPlus which ensures environmentally friendly processing of industrial waste.

  • To reduce transport to a minimum, we invest considerable attention in optimising packaging, combining order processing and organising cross docking systems.

  • We also engage organisations that employ people with disabilities and those who experience difficulties on the labour market.
    Our jars, for example, are printed at Bewel (Social Workplace Limburg), the third largest employer in Limburg.

    Circular economy

  • We are a member of Valipac ( )

Research and Quality Control

We have a close link with several laboratories and cosmetics consultants throughout Europe.


We always respond to market trends, taking into

account our mission.


Develop pleasant (nice to the touch) and affordable products without compromising on product quality and purpose.

Maintaining our business relationship with customer and supplier in the most pleasant way possible.

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