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The story of Camille starts in 1986 with the Camille udder cream.


The ideal remedy for dry hands, cracked skin,

baby bottoms, chapped buttocks among cyclists,

rough skin on the feet, etc.

35 years later, the next generation continues

to provide a high-quality and affordable range of

skincare products.


The range has also been expanded in

recent years with

care and hygiene products.

Founder Camille Jacobs first began with mobile trading

(markets and trade fairs/B2C) and it was not long before a

wholesale business was established. (B2B)

We then established operations on the Houthalen industrial estate in Limburg,

the greenest province in Belgian Flanders, where we also launched

our own in-house production.


We quickly became short on space and a second building followed nearby.


Here you will find both the offices and storage areas from which our European customers are supplied.


The production is now distributed across various production lines in Belgium and neighbouring countries.

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